Business Loan Proposal

Looking for a Business Loan but do not know how to write a good proposal for banker?

Its no secret that there is plenty of funds available in banks and financial institutions. Chances are, you have approached the banks or if you are indeed lucky, the bankers may have approached you, but somewhere along the line, the quality of your business proposal does not stack up and is not getting the response you want!

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We offer comprehensive accounting and book-keeping services for Small and Medium Entriprise/Company.

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We help you to Incorporate a Company and act as Your Company Secretary to ensure that you compliance with Govertment Authorities' Regulations all the time.











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Our Audit and Tax Services assist our clients to perform Company Audit, Income Tax Computation and Form C to ensure the company compliance with the Authorities' Requirement.

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We provide loan proposal services, application of govertment's incentive and stretegic business advisory aim to assist your company to obtain the facilities and move toward success.


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