Payroll & Management Services

Our payroll & management services including:

- Computerised processing of monthly payroll calculations for all types of businesses and sizes.
- Computation of pay, overtime, EPF and other deductions.
- Completion of EPF contribution form.
- Preparation of monthly payroll report, computerised confidential payslips
- Filing of all sources of documents
- Preparation and submission of Form E or Form EA

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We offer comprehensive accounting and book-keeping services for Small and Medium Entriprise/Company.

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We help you to Incorporate a Company and act as Your Company Secretary to ensure that you compliance with Govertment Authorities' Regulations all the time.











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Our Audit and Tax Services assist our clients to perform Company Audit, Income Tax Computation and Form C to ensure the company compliance with the Authorities' Requirement.

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We provide loan proposal services, application of govertment's incentive and stretegic business advisory aim to assist your company to obtain the facilities and move toward success.


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