Audit and Assurance Arrangement


Audit and Assurance Arrangement

In our Group, the audit services will be handling by our Panel whom is a Lisenced Auditor with many years of experience. They are not only perform routine statutory company audit to compliance with the authority’s requirement but also treat this as an opportunity to express valued opinion and suggestion to our clients in term of internal control prospect, filing of documents system, tax compliance matters and any others issues detected during the course of audit, many of our audit clients have benefit from these opinions.

Our audit approach and planning enable us to provide reasonable assurance that the financial statements are not materially misstated and are presented fairly in accordance with applicable accounting standards as well as relevant statutory requirements.

 Our Statutory audit & assurance services through our Panel Licensed Auditors including:

   -  Auditing of statutory financial statements
   -  Compilation of statutory financial statements for audit exempted company*
   -  Service Tax audit and investigations*
   -  Other kinds of Accountants' and other Audit Reports (including income verification, certification of capital expenditure for tax incentive qualification & etc.)
   -  Compliance audit
   -  Internal audit
   -  Due diligent review 
   -  Quality assurance reviews of internally prepared management accounts, budgets, forecasts and other financial information
   -  Review of accounting procedures and internal control processes to identify risk areas 


You entitle the following benefits and documents:

   ü  Acting your company’s statutory auditors
   ü  Full set of audited financial statements
   ü  Our observation from the audit work done and suggestion to minimize the detected weaknesses
   ü  Enhancement of procedures and controls to eliminate or reduce risk of fraud and errors.

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