Business Loan Proposal


Business Loan Proposal

Looking for a Business Loan but do not know how to write a good proposal for banker?

Its no secret that there is plenty of funds available in banks and financial institutions. Chances are, you have approached the banks or if you are indeed lucky, the bankers may have approached you, but somewhere along the line, the quality of your business proposal does not stack up and is not getting the response you want!

Many creditworthy companies fail to secure credit facilities for a variety of reasons:
Reason 1: Lack of expertise in preparing Business Financing Proposals setting out the relevant information which enables bankers to evaluate the loan. The banker may form an impression based on the presentation of the proposal.

Reason 2: Lack of knowledge in dealing with the banks as they may not know all the critical areas the bankers would evaluate. Hence frustration sets in when the bank rejects your loan application. First impressions do count and it is imperative that your Business Financing Proposals is presented with maximum effect and impact.

As a qualified Chartered Accountants, we have the expertise in writing a well organised and structure business loans proposal to meet the bankers requirements.

The areas we will normally covered in a well organised business loan proposal are as follows:
Executive summary
Product description
Market analysis
Marketing strategy
Description of new project (if applicable)
Staffing requirements
Management structure
Financial information summarized
Cash flows

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